Q. How far is it from 「Chuson-ji Temple」,registered as a World Heritage Site, to SHIZUKATEI?

→A. SHIZUKATEI is located about 5km away from 「Chuson-ji Temple」, 15 minute drive distance by car. It also takes about 15 minutes by car from 「Motsuji Temple」 or the nearest station 「JR Hiraizumi Station」to SHIZUTAKEI.

Q. Do you accept credit cards for payment?

→A. Yes, we accept VISA.

Q. Is there any free-shuttle bus service?

→A. Yes, we offer a free-shuttle bus service from/to JR Hiraizumi Station, Motsuji Temple and Chuson-ji Temple upon requests. Please inform us by e-mail in advance if you need it.

【Pick-up】Time: 14:30/16:40

Place: JR Hiraizumi Station, Chuson-ji Temple, Motsuji Temple

JR Hiraizumi Station: Please wait in the waiting room of the station

Chuson-ji Temple: Please wait in Hiraizumi Rest House near the First Parking Lot

Motsuji Temple: Please wait in front of the main gate

【Send-off】Time: 9:00/10:00

Destination: JR Hiraizumi Station, Chuson-ji Temple, Motsuji Temple

We will drive you to either of the above destinations.

You can drop in to leave your baggage in the coin lockers at Hiraizumi Station, and visit Chuson-ji Temple or Motsuji Temple.

Q. What time is the check in and out?

→A. Check-in: 15:00, Check-out: 10:00

Q. What are room facilities and amenities?

→A. Washlet (bidet toilet), washstand, TV, safe, pot, Japanese bathrobe, bath towel, towel, toothbrush set (baby item upon requests)

Q. Are there vending machines?

→A. There are vending machines for beverage, but only non-alcohol.

Q. Are there any Internet access?

→A. Not available. We do not have PCs available for guests. We do not have any room available for an Internet connection, either.

Q. May I smoke? And are you selling cigarettes?

→A. Yes, you can smoke. We are selling cigarettes at the front desk, but only limited brands.

Q. Is there an in-house store? And are there any convenience stores nearby?

→A. There is no in-house store. The nearest convenience store is located 15 to 20 minute drive from here.

Q. Can I stay with pets?

→A. No, you cannot stay with pets.